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  I’m Alana Post, a Portland, Maine-based web / graphic designer and internet lady. I build socially-driven websites for musicians, artists, and organizations like The Commonwealth Fund, Foneshow, LibraryThing, and Maine College of Art (MECA).

  I’ve been a panelist representing Maine's pioneers in digital, new, and social media at the 2009 Juice Conference, spoken to the Five River Arts Alliance in 2009 on topics relating to artists and e-commerce, taught a digital portfolio course in 2008, and also received MECA’s 2007-2008 Vision Award for my web design and online community development.

  Email:, Phone: +1 (857) 366-6990, AIM: alanap0st, GTalk: — Blog; Twitter, LinkedIn — Resumé: resume pdf

2D Composition
Chris Garneau
The Commonwealth Fund
Audrey Khuner


“Alana has both accurate intuition for and a robust academic understanding of software usability, as well as a thoughtful immersion in social networking from both the user’s and the developer/designer’s perspectives. She’s a tool-using animal whose facility with Web-design and process-management software is only a natural part of her general intelligence. She’s diligent, enthusiastic, adaptable, spirited, and modest.”

— Nic Wolff, Founder and Lead Developer, Foneshow, Inc., February 2008


Profile piece, scanned copy to follow.

Maine Women's Magazine, February 2009